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Edited by


Cheryl L. Fracasso, PhD, LMHC

Stanley Krippner, PhD

Harris L. Friedman, PhD

FEATURING 21 chapters from pioneers in the field of holistic health!!

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Enjoy the below interview by Jean Fox with Editors Stanley Krippner, Harris Friedman, and author, Debbie Joffe Ellis talking about the importance of holistic health and a broad overview of the book (December 5, 2020).
Tropical Leaves
Part 1. Psychotherapeutic Interventions
The Vigorous, Compassionate and Holistic Approach of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy: Honoring the Work of Albert Ellis
  • Debbie Joffe Ellis
Time Perspective Therapy: An Evolutionary Therapy for PTSD
  • Rosemary Sword and Philip Zimbardo
Transpersonal Psychotherapies
  • Harris L. Friedman
Part 2. Creative and Expressive Arts Interventions
Natalie Rogers’s Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Sue Ann Herron
Dance/Movement as a Holistic Treatment: Using Creative, imaginal and Embodied Expression in Healing, Growth and Therapy
  • Ilene A. Serlin and J. Ryan Kennedy
Drama Therapy: integral Healing Through imagination and Action
  • Gary Raucher, Renée Emunah and Doug Ronning
Music Therapy as a Holistic Treatment for Mental Health
  • Lillian Eyre
Art Therapy: An Existential Perspective
  • Joseph Madigan
Part 3. Mind/Body and Energy Medicine Interventions
Holistic Benefits of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Marina A. Smirnova
Holotropic Breathwork in a Clinical Setting
  • Marina A. Smirnova
Emotional Freedom Techniques for Psychological Symptoms and Disorders
  • Peta Stapleton
 Re-Enter and Re-imagine: A Client-Led Dreamworking Method
  • Christopher Sowton
Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy
  • Michael Mayer
Holistic Coaching for Mental Health
  • Susan Turner Gabrielle
The Role of Massage Therapy in Psychological Services: Evidence and implications for Mental Health Practitioners
  • Grant J. Rich
Yoga Nidra: The Art of Deep Relaxation
  • Nick Atlas
Mindfulness Meditation: Principles and Applications for Holistic Healing
  • Nitin Anand, Mahendra Prakash Sharma, Amanpreet Kaur and Priya Kayastha Anand
Presence in Place: Exploring Well-Being Through Mindfulness and Spirituality at Grand Canyon National Park and other Natural Settings
  • David S.B. Mitchell, Kanika A.M. Magee, Christopher N. Cross, Jules P. Harrell and Fatimah L.C. Jackson
Grounding and Communication as an integrative Therapy
  • Caifang Zhu
Part 4. Multicultural and Indigenous Interventions
Medicinal Drumming and Holistic Healing
  • Sal Núñez
Practicing Medicine Wheel for Holistic Healing
  • Kathryn LaFevers Evans, Three Eagles

The Birthing of this Book...

The birth of this book was inspired on a warm summer day in July 2016 while Cheryl (lead editor) was driving in nature. Taking long drives in nature is one of her favorite things to do, and is like a moving meditation where everything is quite and just flows. No thoughts, just pure freedom and bliss being fully present with music and nature. Paradoxically, it's usually in these quite moments when inspirations come...some may call it an epiphany, while others may say it's a channeled message. None-the-less, I know when I have these inspirations because an energy takes me over and I have this overwhelming pull to write, almost as if I cannot keep up with the information coming to me or through me. On this warm summer day this energetic pull was so intense that I had to pull over to the side of the road and write down the information that came through me. 

Almost as if on divine cue, it was literally the title of the book that flowed out of me, along with the outline of the 4 main sections of the book and all the chapters in between. I'm not sure what I tapped into that day, but I saw the book in my mind's eye from start to finish....all poured out onto the back of a grocery store receipt since it was the only paper I had in the car. I couldn't get home fast enough to contact Stan and Harris--my 2 long-time mentors who also served on my dissertation chair and committee whom I'd published with a gazillion times over the past decade--to tell them about this inspiration and invite them to co-edit this book with me. 

Stan immediately said "yes," as we had also just co-edited a special edition titled "Health, Healing & Consciousness" for NeuroQuantology journal which was the early birthing and sprouting of this book as well (Fracasso, Krippner & Smith, 2016). By the end of July we had signed a contract with McFarland, and in early August 2016 we sent out the call to authors and began accepting proposals. 

As a funny side note, Harris, who usually also says "yes" to everything I drag him into, was busy around this time and couldn't take on the commitment of serving as full co-editor. However, as time went on we finessed him onboard, as I always do with my projects (we love you, Harris!), and the book turned out as it was meant to be with the 3 of us as co-editors. While the birth of it began in 2016 it was not until nearly 4 years later when this book finally saw the light of day, as this was a large undertaking with 21 chapters from pioneers in the field that went through several rounds of edits. 

We are pleased that our baby is finally born, and we hope that you, the readers, will enjoy the fruits of our labor, as well as all the authors that contributed to this book. 

Many warm regards,

 ~ Cheryl

We're sending peace, vitality, and wellness to all!

Editors: Cheryl L. Fracasso, Stanley Krippner, and Harris L. Friedman




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