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About the Authors

Nitin Anand, PhD, is an assistant professor in the department of clinical psychology at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, India, where he attained his doctoral degree and clinical training. He has extensive experience in conducting psychological assessments and in providing counseling and psychotherapy for anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and personality disorders. In addition to psychotherapy, his research interests include development of psychological assessments and mindfulness-based community interventions.
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Nick Atlas, PhDis an author, artist, and transformative educator exploring the intersection of waking, sleeping, dreaming and being. The director of Evolutionary Education® and author of The Light Travelers, which details his own decade-long mystical journey, he facilitates a variety of personal and professional development courses both internationally and online. He serves as an adjunct professor of transpersonal psychology at Atlantic University and conducts pioneering research on lucid dreaming. For more info, visit
Christopher N. Cross, PhD, is an internationally trained scientist and engineer with a range of expertise in the STEM fields as well as policy and non-profit development. He served as the program manager for the Grand Canyon National Park historic diversity research in coordination with a Healthy Parks Healthy People program grant.
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Debbie Joffe Ellis, PhD, is a licensed psychologist (Australia), a licensed mental health counselor (New York), and an adjunct professor at Columbia University, New York City. For many years she worked with her late husband, the pioneer of modern cognitive therapies, Dr. Albert Ellis, giving public presentations and professional trainings in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), as well as collaborating with him on writing and research projects until his death in 2007.
Renée Emunah, PhD, is the founder/director of the drama therapy program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, author of Acting for Real, and coeditor of Current Approaches in Drama Therapy and The Self in Performance. She is an international trainer and recipient of the Schattner Distinguished Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Drama Therapy.
Kathryn LaFevers Evans, Three Eagles, holds a BA in comparative literature and research in consciousness, and an MA in literature and writing studies. She is retired adjunct faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute, a member of APA Division 32, humanistic psychology; and of IAJS. A Chickasaw shaman and longtime practitioner of esoteric techniques and rituals, she teaches 299 Medicine-Wheel-Vision-Quest™ and natural magic through her company, IAWHE, www.three
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Lillian Eyre, PhD, is an associate professor and the chair of graduate music therapy at Immaculata University in Pennsylvania. She graduated from the University of Quebec then earned a Ph.D. in music therapy from Temple University. Her research interests include music therapy and narrative practices. She has worked in psychiatric clinics and in community mental health, and has a private practice specializing in adults with trauma. She was an editor and contributing author to Guidelines to Music Therapy Practice in Mental Health (2013).
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Cheryl L. Fracasso, Ph.D., LMHC, is a licensed mental health counselor and certified clinical trauma intervention specialist. She served as a psychologist with the state of Washington for over five years, in addition to owning ShangriLa Wellness Center, a holistic healthcare center that focuses on a holistic approach to treating trauma. She presently serves as Adjunct Faculty at Bryant & Stratton College, and prior to that served as a Faculty for over 9 years at the University of Phoenix. She has written and published extensively in the fields of energy medicine, near-death experiences, and holistic approaches to healing. She has served as Editor and Lead Editor on a number of special editions with NeuroQuantology journal, including Dreams, Telepathy & Various States of Consciousness (Fracasso & Krippner, 2011); Pioneers Who Have Changed the Face of Science and Those Who Have Been Mentored by Them (Krippner & Fracasso, 2011); and Health, Healing & Consciousness (Fracasso, Smith & Krippner, 2016). Books she has co-edited include Advances in Parapsychological Research, Volume 9 (Krippner, Rock, Beischel, Friedman & Fracasso, 2013), along with Holistic Treatment in Mental Health: A Handbook of Practitioners' Perspectives (Fracasso, Krippner & Friedman, 2020).
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Harris L. Friedman, Ph.D., is an associated distinguished consulting professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies, an associated professor at the Salomons Institute for Applied Psychology at Canterbury Christ Church University (UK), and a visiting scholar at Harvard University. He retired as a research professor of psychology at the University of Florida, and has over 200 professional publications. He is a fellow of both the Association for Psychological Science and the American Psychological Association, and practices both clinical and organizational psychology part-time.
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Susan Turner Gabrielle, PhD, works for the state of Washington as a career coach and university instructor. She completed her doctorate (Ph.D.) and Integrative Wellness Coaching (IWC) certification through Saybrook University and is a member of the International Coach Federation, where she earned her Associate Coach certification.
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Jules P. Harrell, PhD, is a professor of psychology at Howard University. He is author of the book Manichean Psychology: Racism and the Minds of People of African Descent and has published numerous journal articles related to psychophysiological processes. Forty students have completed doctoral studies under his direction.
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Sue Ann Herron, PhD, is the executive director of Expressive Arts for Healing and Social Change: A Person-Centered Approach (PCEAT). As Natalie Rogers’s biographer, her goal is to chronicle and elevate Dr. Rogers’s work through a scholarly biography and to promote Rogers’s legacy and PCEAT teachings around the world.
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Fatimah L.C. Jackson, PhD, has conducted research on human-plant co-evolution, health disparities, and population substructure in peoples of African descent. She is the chairperson of the Natural Sciences Division, the interim chairperson of the Department of Biology, and a professor of Biology at Howard University, where she was awarded 2017 STEM Woman Researcher of the Year.
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J. Ryan Kennedy, PsyD, is the founder and executive director of Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute in Denver, Colorado. He is a licensed addiction counselor, licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed professional counselor, and board-certified dance/movement therapist. His professional background includes extensive work with graduate and post-graduate education particularly in the areas of experiential learning, contemplative education, spiritual emergence, diversity and multiculturalism, social and restorative justice, creative process work, expressive arts therapies, and body-centered psychotherapy.
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Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., former director of the Maimonides Medical Center Dream Research Laboratory, was a professor of psychology at Saybrook University for 47 years. He is a fellow in the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Association for Psychological Science. He has received the APA Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Development of Psychology, and lifetime achievement awards from the International Association for the Study of Dreams, the International Network on Personal Meaning, the Society for Humanistic Psychology, and the Parapsychological Association.
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Joseph Madigan, PhD, LMHC, ATR-BCreceived his master’s degree in art therapy from Long Island University and his doctoral degree in psychology from Saybrook University. His dissertation research investigated how making art sustains recovery from addictive disorders. He is a licensed mental health counselor and board-certified registered art therapist.
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Kanika A.M. Magee, PhD, is an assistant dean in the Howard University School of Business. She is a member of the Management Department faculty, teaching a course in leadership and spirituality. She also works with interfaith programs through the university’s Chapel and has convened international gatherings around spirituality and service.
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Michael Mayer, PhD, is a licensed psychologist, a certified master Tai Chi instructor, and a pioneer in the integration of Tai Chi/Qigong and psychotherapy. He presents his Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy trainings at conferences and workshops nationally and internationally and has authored 20 publications, including six books and journal articles on mind-body healing. A co-founding faculty member of John F. Kennedy University’s transpersonal psychology program, he co-founded an integrative medical clinic, and is a clinical supervisor for the East Bay Mindfulness Center (
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David S.B. Mitchell, PhD, is a member of the psychology faculty at the University of West Georgia; his interests include cognition, culture, and contemplation. He teaches a number of undergraduate and graduate-level courses including classes on human growth and development, social psychology, culture and psychology, and introduction to general psychology.
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Sal Núñez, PhD, is a licensed psychologist, tenured professor, and director of the Community Mental Health Certificate Program at City College of San Francisco, Health Education Department. He is the president of Crossing Edge Consulting, an organizational psychology firm. His interests lie in community mental health, indigenous medicine, and medicinal drumming as a therapeutic approach.
Gary Raucher, MA, LMFT, RDT/BCT is a professor in the drama therapy program at California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco. He is certified as a teacher of meditation and Authentic Reiki®, and his interests include exploring synergies between contemplative practices, energy healing, diversity/inclusion work, and experiential psychotherapies. His clinical work spans age groups and diverse populations.
Grant J. Rich is the senior editor of five books: Massage Therapy (2002), Pathfinders in International Psychology (2015), Internationalizing the Teaching of Psychology (2017), Human Strengths and Resilience (2018), and Teaching Psychology Around the World (2018). He served as an NCBTMB national board member (2018–2019) and has worked with medical missions internationally.
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Doug Ronning, MFT, RDT/BCT is a drama therapist in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in the treatment of anxiety and compulsive disorders. He is an adjunct lecturer at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and creator of the event series Monster Movie Salon (, which combines drama therapy with film and cultural studies.
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Ilene Serlin, PhD, BC-DMT, Phi Beta Kappa, is a licensed psychologist and registered dance/movement therapist in practice in San Francisco and Marin county, teaching and training in the US and internationally. She is the past president of the San Francisco Psychological Association, a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, past president of the Division of Humanistic Psychology. Ilene Serlin is Associated Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, has taught at Saybrook University, Lesley University, UCLA, the NY Gestalt Institute and the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich. She is the editor of  Whole Person Healthcare (2007, 3 vol., Praeger), Integrative Care for the Traumatized (2019), over 100 chapters and articles on body, art and psychotherapy, and is on the editorial boards of PsycCritiques, the American Dance Therapy Journal, the Journal of Humanistic Psychology; Arts & Health: An International Journal of Research, Policy and Practice; Journal of Applied Arts and Health; and The Humanistic Psychologist. In 2019, she received the Rollo May award from APA’s Society for Humanistic Studies, and the California Psychological Association Distinguished Humanitarian Contribution award.
Marina A. Smirnova, PhD, is a native of Russia and a faculty member in Saybrook University’s Department of Humanistic and Clinical Psychology. She is an approved consultant in clinical hypnosis (through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis), a certified Holotropic Breathwork facilitator (through Grof Transpersonal Training, Inc.), and a transpersonal facilitator trained in shamanic healing arts.
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Dr. Christopher Sowton, ND, is a naturopath and a professional dreamworker based in  Southern Ontario, Canada. He does online dreamworking sessions with clients all around the world, helping them gain deeper insight into their dreams. Since 2003 Christopher has been training health care practitioners of all kinds to integrate dreamwork into their practices. He is a member of the IASD (International Association for the Study of Dreams). He teaches dreamworking skills through a course of online training modules, and has published 2 books—Dreamworking–How to Listen to the Inner Guidance of Your Dreams (2017); and The Dreamworking Manual–A Guide to Using Dreams in Health Care (2013).
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Dr. Peta Stapleton, PhD, is a clinical/health psychologist and an Associate Professor at Bond University (Australia) who embraces evidence-based practice and is passionate about new and innovative techniques. She has led a world first study investigating the impact of Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in the brain through a fMRI study. Peta has been awarded the Harvey Baker Research Award for meticulous research (Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology) as well as many other awards, and was named 2019 Psychologist of the Year (Australian Allied Health Awards). Peta has authored The Science Behind Tapping: A Proven Stress Management Technique for the Mind and Body (Hay House), which won Best Self-Help Book (2019 Best Book Awards, American Book Fest). 
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Rosemary Sword, PhD, along with her husband, the late Richard Sword, developed Time Perspective Therapy to assist their clients in overcoming PTSD. She is coauthor of  The Time Cure (2012), The Time Cure Therapist Guidebook, Living & Loving Better (2017), and Time Perspective Therapy: Transforming Zimbardo’s Temporal Theory into Clinical Practice, Time Perspective Theory (2015). She is the developer of Aetas: Mind Balancing Apps (which creates apps for iOS-based devices on TPT).
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Caifang Zhu, PhD, is the founder and director of the Beijing Clear-Orientation Center for Counseling and Meditation, and the deputy secretary of the International Transpersonal Association. He is a seasoned scholar and practitioner of Chan/Zen meditation and Tai Chi. He holds an MA from Harvard University and a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Integral Studies.
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Philip Zimbardo, PhD, is a world-renowned scholar, educator, researcher, and media personality. A professor emeritus at Stanford University, he is best known for his landmark Stanford prison study. Among his more than 500 publications is the bestseller The Lucifer Effect as well as many psychology textbooks including Psychology: Core Concepts, 8th edition (2017) and Psychology and Life, 20th edition (2019). He is the founder and president of the Heroic Imagination Project (www., a world-wide nonprofit organization.