Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy
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Introduction by Dr. Michael Mayer, PhD
Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy (Mayer, 2007) is “an integral/transpersonal psychotherapy” (Cortright, 1997; Friedman & Hartelius, 2013; Walsh & Shapiro, 2006; Wilber, 2000;) which synthesizes Western, Eastern, and indigenous approaches to healing. In the just released book (September, 2020), Holistic Treatment in Mental Health: A Handbook of Practitioner’s Perspectives (ED: Fracasso, C., & Friedman, H., & Krippner, S.), Dr. Michael Mayer’s chapter shows how the ten dimensions of BMHP integrate traditional forms of therapy with energy psychology methods, symbolic process approaches to healing, and Qigong. As part of this integral psychotherapeutic approach, psychotherapists are introduced to how to integrate Qigong into psychotherapy without ever mentioning a word about Qigong or needing to do a Qigong movement by using: state-specific breathing methods, self-touch of acu-points, and bringing patient awareness to body postures at the moment of “felt shift (Gendlin, 1978)” in psychotherapy. Case examples show how the healing purposes of these naturally arising postures are enhanced by a knowledge of Qigong/Tai Chi postures and how this understanding can help to anchor these new life stances (even if you’re not a Tai Chi Practitioner). In his chapter, theory, methods, experiential exercises, and case examples illustrate how BMHP can be applied to various psychological conditions such as anxiety, hypertension, and trauma. 

In the below presentation Dr. Mayer presents an overview of the basic principles behind bodymind psychotherapy healing that he discussed in his book chapter, and how it can be used in clinical settings (recorded 11/15/20)

Michael Mayer Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, certified master Tai Chi Instructor, and pioneered the integration of Tai Chi/Qigong and psychotherapy. He presents his Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy trainings at conferences and workshops nationally and internationally. Dr. Mayer authored twenty publications, including six books and various journal articles on mind-body healing. A co-founding faculty member of John F. Kennedy University’s Transpersonal Psychology Program, he co-founded an integrative medical clinic, and is the director of the Bodymind Healing Center. 
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