TABLE OF CONTENTS


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Part 1. Psychotherapeutic Interventions


Chapter 1: The Vigorous, Compassionate and Holistic Approach of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy: Honoring the Work of Albert Ellis

Debbie Joffe Ellis


Chapter 2: Time Perspective Therapy: An Evolutionary Therapy for PTSD

Rosemary Sword and Philip Zimbardo


Chapter 3: Transpersonal Psychotherapies

Harris L. Friedman

Part 2. Creative and Expressive Arts Interventions

Chapter 4: Natalie Rogers’s Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy

Sue Ann Herron


Chapter 5: Dance/Movement as a Holistic Treatment: Using Creative, imaginal and Embodied Expression in Healing, Growth and Therapy

Ilene A. Serlin and J. Ryan Kennedy


Chapter 6: Drama Therapy: integral Healing Through imagination and Action

Gary Raucher, Renée Emunah and Doug Ronning


Chapter 7: Music Therapy as a Holistic Treatment for Mental Health

Lillian Eyre


Chapter 8: Art Therapy: An Existential Perspective

Joseph Madigan

Part 3. Mind/Body and Energy Medicine Interventions

Chapter 9: Holistic Benefits of Clinical Hypnosis

Marina A. Smirnova

Chapter 10: Holotropic Breathwork in a Clinical Setting

Marina A. Smirnova


Chapter 11: Emotional Freedom Techniques for Psychological Symptoms and Disorders

Peta Stapleton

Chapter 12: Re-Enter and Re-imagine: A Client-Led Dreamworking Method

Christopher Sowton

Chapter 13: Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy

Michael Mayer

Chapter 14: Holistic Coaching for Mental Health

Susan Turner Gabrielle


Chapter 15: The Role of Massage Therapy in Psychological Services: Evidence and implications for Mental Health Practitioners

Grant J. Rich

Chapter 16: Yoga Nidra: The Art of Deep Relaxation

Nick Atlas

Chapter 17: Mindfulness Meditation: Principles and Applications for Holistic Healing

Nitin Anand, Mahendra Prakash Sharma, Amanpreet Kaur and Priya Kayastha Anand


Chapter 18: Presence in Place: Exploring Well-Being Through Mindfulness and Spirituality at Grand Canyon National Park and other Natural Settings

David S.B. Mitchell, Kanika A.M. Magee, Christopher N. Cross, Jules P. Harrell and Fatimah L.C. Jackson


Chapter 19: Grounding and Communication as an integrative Therapy

Caifang Zhu

Part 4. Multicultural and Indigenous Interventions​

Chapter 20: Medicinal Drumming and Holistic Healing

Sal Núñez


Chapter 21: Practicing Medicine Wheel for Holistic Healing

Kathryn LaFevers Evans, Three Eagles