Fracasso, C. L., & Krippner, S. (2011) (Eds.). Pioneers who have changed the face of science and those that have been mentored by them. NeuroQuantology, 9(3), 361-600.


We are delighted to present this special edition on Pioneers Who Have Changed the Face of Science and Those That Have Been Mentored By Them. This edition has been especially an honor to be involved with since it includes many articles from pioneers themselves, as well as those taking a moment to reflect and to give thanks and gratitude to those they have been mentored by. In this sense, it is with great pleasure that we present this edition that is geared towards acknowledging some of the outstanding contributions various leaders in the field have made.


We would also like to take a moment to give a special thanks to Sultan Tarlaci, Editor-In-Chief, for allowing us to do this, and would also like to thank Renee Trudeau, an Editorial/Advisory board member, for taking the time to help us proofread a few of these articles. The edition begins with an editorial by Sultan Tarlaci titled "Wanted! Creative Quantum Physicists" and is followed by an article by Karl Pribram as he recollects various contributions he has made to the field.


Next is an article by Vernon Neppe and Ed Close highlighting a new consciousness-based paradigm which overviews their lives' work. This is followed by articles by Subhash Kak and then Giuseppe Vitiello, who were also key players in the field of quantum physics, in addition to colleagues of Pribram's. Next is a delightful article by Donald Mender sharing his mentorship story with Gordon Globus - another key player in the field; followed by an article by Alan Haas reflecting on his mentorship with several prominent leaders at Harvard University.


We are especially honored to present as article by Kenneth Ring (who officially retired from near-death experience research in 2000 and is a pioneer in that field), but who agreed to contribute to this edition, who shares his story about how he got started in the field. In Wasney de Almeida Ferreira's article, a "Description-Prescription" principle is presented for the readers to ponder, followed by an article by Massimo Cocchi, who recalls some of his groundbreaking research and mentorship with Kerry Mullis - most definitely a prominent figure in the field and Nobel Prize Winner. Fred Alan Wolf then presents an article titled "Towards a Quantum Field Theory of Mind" - challenging the reader to consider various theoretical perspectives, while Sergio Stagnaro tantalizes the reader with his groundbreaking theory on "Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics." 


Just when you thought your mind could be tantalized enough, Ruth Richards and colleagues present an article on creativity that will blow the readers mind, followed by an article by Allan Combs on "Mentors and Muses." Cheryl Fracasso, Zeno Franco, Douglas MacDonald, and Harris Friedman then present an article on the mentorship and research contributions by Harris Friedman. After this, Michael Bova recollects out-of-body experiences with a person he calls Jimmy, followed by an article by Elva Hoxie and Cheryl Fracasso highlighting the outstanding mentorship and contributions made by Willson Williams. Marc Applebaum then presents an article on the pioneering work of Amedeo Giorgi; and Jason Dias, Michael Moats, Trent Claypool, and Elva Hoxie recall the “Art of International Dialogue†of Louis Hoffman - a prominent figure in the field of existential psychology.


In "The Flapping Butterfly Wings of Gifted Mentorship: Ruth Richards and Saybrook University," Denita Benysheck shares an inspiring story of her mentorship with Richards, while the edition is concluded by a delightful article by Mike Maliszweski on his mentorship with Mircea Eliade. In closing, we hope that readers will enjoy this special edition, as we editors were especially honored to take part in putting this edition together.

Pioneers Who Have Changed Science & Those Who Have Been Mentored by Them